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In Home Lessons

In-home lessons are customized according to the needs of each client and pet.  Your home may be where your dog misbehaves the most.  So, this is where in home lessons are most effective.  The Pawsitive K9 Coach will teach your dog to listen in your home environment.  In home lessons are also ideal for clients who want to participate in the training of their dog without the distractions that can come with a group setting.  The home environment is an ideal place to begin training.  After all, your dog’s home is your home too – so why not start at home!


  • Basic Obedience Training - Most training begins with Basic Obedience - simple commands such as name recognition, sit, down, stay, come, wait and loose leash walking. During these basic obedience lessons we use positive reinforcement and praise which then develops into a stronger bond between you and your dog.


  • Advanced Obedience Training - Once basic obedience is mastered, your dog can then proceed to Advanced Obedience training.  Advanced training includes such behaviors as advanced heel, off leash training, place, drop down recalls, long duration stays and public outings.


  • Aggression and Reactivity Training - Are you having trouble with excessive barking, toy or food aggression, or lunging and barking while your dog observes people, bikes, or other dogs while walking them with a leash? This in home lesson is designed to work on specific reactivity or aggression behaviors.  These lessons focus on the problem at hand to either decrease, minimize, or eliminate the problem.


  • Therapy Dog Training - Do you desire to make a person feel better while they are staying in the hospital, help a child learn to read, or reminisce with a senior citizen about their childhood pet?  We can help you with that desire.  Therapy dog lessons are helpful to those who are interested in preparing their dogs to become therapy dogs.  Denise is a certified AKC Evaluator for the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program and the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test and can assist you with your training.

  • Service Dog Training - These lessons are designed to train your dog to assist you due to a disability.  Some of these behaviors are simple tasks to help you with your day to day needs.  Some examples are picking up objects, alerting patrons if you black out, and bracing you while you get up.   

Price list

Appointments can be made Monday - Friday between 10-6 and Saturday - 10 - 3

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