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The Journey

Roman Ride
Pacific White-Sided Dolphins
Pax, Turner and I
Denise Cataline
Owner of The Pawsitive K9 Coach, LLC

Her first training opportunity was at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago training a variety of small animals.  However, she knew she wanted to work with larger animals so when the opportunity presented itself, she applied for and received an internship at the Shedd Aquarium where she instantly fell in love with marine mammals.  This internship was the beginning of her 15 year career training marine mammals.  She has had the good fortune to train dolphins, pacific white sided dolphins, beluga whales, seals, sea lions, turtles, sting rays, sharks and even killer whales.  When offered the opportunity to work and train primates, she again jumped at the chance.  Her time as a primate trainer included training gorillas, orangutans, lemurs, spider monkeys, baboons and sloths.  During her marine mammal and primate training career she learned many tools to help her gain success in training.  The 3 key principles she utilizes in all her training is the importance of building and having a relationship, consistency with training and the effectiveness of positive reinforcement.

After retiring from the exotic animal industry, Denise decided that she wanted to pursue a career in the dog training field utilizing these 3 key principles.  With much encouragement from clients, friends, and family, Denise decided to open up her own dog training company, The Pawsitive K9 Coach, LLC, where she continues to apply her knowledge of training to your furry family members.  

Throughout her years in the training industry she has achieved several awards through her past employers and has been interviewed for several articles for her achievements.  Denise achieved her certification as a professional dog trainer from the The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and has her accreditation from the American Kennel Club to be an evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen test and the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program.  She is a member of the International Marine Animal Trainers' Association (IMATA) and The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).  She is certified for Canine CPR and First-Aid and has a plethora of knowledge in the veterinary field where she has spent several years as a technician and behavior consultant.

During her down time she likes to travel with her husband and spend time with her furry family Turner and Surren.

Turner and Cayenne
Drew, Turner and I
Turner, Cayenne and I
Turner and Cayenne
Turner and Cayenne

From whales to tails and everything in between, Denise has been training animals for over 20 years.  She started at the early age of 12 when her parents brought home Pockets (their first pet) and, from that day on, she has been training ever since.

Meet our PAW-SOME Team




Hello, my name is Brittany! I am orginally from Maryland, where I worked at Doggy Hotel while attending college.  I decieded I wanted a bit more sunshine so I moved south and started working at a local Veterinarian Hospital.  Now, I am happy to be working with The Pawsitive K9 Coach.  I thoroughly enjoy building relationships with all animals and have loved training your dogs these past few years.




Hi, I am Amy and I have a BS in Marine Biology and a double major in Animal Behavior from the University of Massachusetts.  I started my marine mammal career at the New England Aquarium in 2004.  After graduation, I moved down to sunny Florida to continue my passion working with marine mammals. I started my journey as an intern and over 18 years ago and now I am a manager of over 50 animals and still very passionate about working with each and every one of them.  I have worked with a  variety of spieces such as Dolphins, Pinnipeds, Manatees and Killer Whales. 

I am now looking to spread my wealth of training and managment skills to the canine field. I am excited to bring my knowledge of Positive Reinforcement Training and transerrfing it to from sea dogs to land dogs in this new exciting chapeter.

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