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Client Testimonials



Fort Lauderdale, FL

I decided when I was going to get a dog that I wanted to get her trained to be a
Physical Therapy dog to work at my place of employment. After looking all over
the internet a family friend recommended Denise Cataline. After meeting
Denise at our first in home dog training session I immediately purchased 9 more
training sessions for me and my pup snoopy. Not only because she was a
fantastic dog trainer, but an even better person.

Denise was amazing at allowing myself to communicate effectively with my
dog. Snoopy is training to become a Physical Therapy Dog and Denise worked
side by side with Physical Therapist, Snoopy, myself, and the PT Patients where
snoopy will work in the future. I’ve had dogs before but there was a disconnect
in communicating between myself and the dog. With Denise’s extensive
background in training not only Dogs, but also Dolphins and other marine life,
this gave her the tools to figure out how to communicate with snoopy quickly
and effectively.

It’s not a coincidence that at least 6 of my friends have started using Denise as
their dog’s trainer because the result with Denise and snoopy has been so

Snoopy is able to respond to all of her commands with me (or anyone) asking
once, and is completely socialized with humans, other dogs, and abnormal
scenarios. Without Denise it would have been impossible to get the results I
wanted as a dog owner. She was able to teach me the psychology of the dog
allowing snoopy and I to have amazing communication and friendship.

Unless you were a teacher, you wouldn’t home school your kids.
All professional sports teams have coaches.
Get a trainer for your dog!



Hollywood, California



Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Getting and training my first puppy was a lot of work, but would have been a lot harder without Denise. My husband and I had not had a puppy since we were little kids and although I have experience with dogs and spend my working days with dogs, I was unprepared for all the little “puppy things” that come up when training. Denise was there for every question and concern we had while potty training and everything that comes along with training a puppy. Denise answered all my questions and gave great advice for problems that I didn’t even consider. Every time she trains our puppy, he comes home more respectful of his commands. I owe his good nature and his respectful attitude to Denise and I will use her for all of my training needs!

Not only has Denise helped Remy become a better dog, but I have had several clients who train with Denise as well and she has done wonders for every dog she touched! I will use Denise for all my dog training needs and highly recommend her!

Kim Katz, DVM

I have two stubborn little dachshunds named Mabel and Charlie and this is their story with Denise.

Charlie came to me as a rescue when he was 5-months old.  I fell in love with him instantly and knew I needed a dog trainer - not only because he was a puppy, but because I (pointing to myself) needed training.  She taught me how to re-train my puppy with crate training because he had learned that being in a crate was a bad thing.  I took all the advice she would offer and executed just like she taught me.  I have never been disappointed in her lessons and her criticism over what I was doing.  She was ALWAYS right!!! Like, I said, I needed the training and she is a FABULOUS teacher!

Hate to brag but all Charlie’s doggie daycare caregivers tell me: “Charlie is the BEST dachshund we have ever met” and I owe that to Denise.  She helped me socialize and train him to be the best dog he can be, and I’m forever grateful. 

Mabel, on the other hand, was a very different dog compared to Charlie.  Mabel was a one-and-a-half-year-old puppy mill dog that was rescued by Dachshund Rescue of South Florida during hurricane Irma 2017.  At the time, I was looking to adopt another dog not only for Charlie, but I wanted a female dog.  The rescue was looking for the “right” person to adopt her since they knew she needed help.

Charlie and Mabel hit it off immediately but Mabel had major problems with everyone and everything in her environment.  You see, she was raised in a cage and has never been socialized with people or anything.  She had no idea what it was to walk on grass.  She had no idea what it meant to be loved.  She had no idea what a dog toy was or how to play with it.  She was scared of everything and everyone.  Loud noises would scare her to the point she would be shivering in fear.  If someone were to try to get her out of the cage, she would scream as if she was being tortured.  I knew this would be an uphill battle and I brought Mabel to Denise immediately.

If you don’t know Denise, she is always happy and positive (It’s contagious!!).  She evaluated Mabel and said “she has potential that will take work to recognize, but nothing I can’t help her with!!!”  With Denise’s big smile, I knew Mabel and I would be okay.  It’s been 5 months since I adopted her and it’s been work all the way through, but it’s been an eye-opening experience, not only as an owner, but also as a veterinarian. 

Having been in the veterinary field all my life, people often misunderstand that I must know everything about how to train dogs or understand dogs 100%.  That’s really not the case.  Just like any profession, there are experts in different areas of the field- and Denise is whom I turn to for advice when it comes to dog training and/or behavior issues.

I watched my dogs get trained with Denise, but I have had many of my client’s pet train with her and have never had any complaints.  Her approach to positive reinforcement and proper discipline techniques are not only effective, but a good experience for the pet. It shows when you see how your dog behaves around her - they LOVE her- now THAT is something you will only get from Denise’s training. 

I promise you, you will not regret choosing her as your dog trainer.

Fumiko Miyamoto, DVM


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I was looking for a trainer to help my one-year-old golden retriever pass her Canine Good Citizen test and eventually move onto service work. My dog Cali and I tried out multiple trainers in the area, and none of them were able to meet our goals, until we met Denise. Denise is everything and more that I hoped for in a trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and passionate about training. Denise dedicates so much time and effort to helping clients and their dogs achieve their best. She makes use of videos, text messages, and phone calls to communicate should problems arise while you are practicing independently with your dog. With Denise’s help, Cali refined some of the skills she already had, as well as progressed through new training faster than I thought was possible.


While away on vacation, I entrusted Denise with Cali through Denise’s Board and Train Kamp. I don’t trust many people taking care of Cali, so the fact that I trusted Denise enough to take care of her and train her for three days speaks volumes about Denise. Denise runs this program from her home. Her backyard is equipped with everything any dog could possibly want: a turf to run around on, sprinklers and an awning to keep your dog cool, tons of toys, a bone-shaped pool. Denise even sent me videos and pictures of Cali training and playing with other dogs she had at her program as well. After picking Cali up after the three days were up, Cali learned so much and had fun doing it.

I could not be more pleased with Denise and highly recommend her to anyone asking for dog training recommendations in the area. I genuinely believe there is no better person to help train your dog, no matter what needs you come to Denise looking for. 

Thank you, Denise!

Bailey & Cali



Coral Springs, Florida

Denise helped Boomer successfully pass his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Canine Good Citizen Urban (CGCU) certifications.  

We started working with Denise when Boomer was 8 months old.  Denise was a great coach and guide for me as I learned basic and more advanced training techniques. 


I was amazed at how calmly she demonstrated the basic obedience skills with Boomer. She was extremely flexible with her schedule and included a variety of locations with many distractions such as people, cars, and shopping centers.  This improved Boomer's socialization and his ability to easily ignore all types of distractions. 


Boomer has become a fantastic dog that I can take anywhere because he is confident with people, places and other dogs.  Now  Boomer's next step in on to confirmation training.  Denise was instrumental in helping us prepare for this next step.  

Thank you, Denise!



Margate, Florida



Pompano Beach, Florida

Denise holds a special place in my heart and in Stella’s too – I have a beautiful 8-year old English Bulldog, Stella, who is loving, loyal, funny and my constant sidekick.  She is also cautious of new people & dogs, not submissive at times, and reactive – this is why I sought out Denise’s help.  We met Denise several years ago at our Vet, South Federal Animal Hospital, and she spent numerous hours with Stella – she took Stella out on field trips to work on socialization and reaction techniques and taught me how to keep Stella’s focus on walks and stop her reaction, before it was too late, i.e. skateboards and barking dogs.  Stella also spent time at Denise’s house with other dogs to help with socialization.   Denise has a calmness about her, but a strong focus, and the dogs respect her and listen to her – she is knowledgeable and knows her craft well !!    She is confident and yields results for her dogs and clients – I would highly recommend Denise to any dog Mum or Dad who loves their dog enough to put in the time, effort & expense of training – I can’t wait until Stella can see her again and have Playtime at her house with all her friends.

FBFC5FC2-56AD-4034-843E-72FABB0F550B (1).JPG

The Korsmo Family

Hollywood, Florida

We knew long before getting a dog that we wanted to invest in training and Denise exceeded our expectations in every way. We were referred to Denise by Scooter and Snoopy because after meeting Snoopy for the first time, we knew whoever trained her was who we wanted to train our future dog.


As first-time dog owners, Denise helped us navigate Ireland's new puppy phase with basic obedient training which saved our lives and our sanity! After Ireland quickly learned her basic obedience skills, we decided to advance her training and continue working with Denise. Ireland is now a service dog + passed her AKC CGC & CGCU tests. 


Denise is very personable, passionate, and truly cares about the animals she works with! She takes the time to educate you as an owner to help you and your dog have a successful and "pawsitive" training experience! We highly recommend Denise for all of her services. We don't trust anyone more than we trust Denise! 

We are a Pawsitive K9 family for life! 


Boca Raton, Florida



Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Losing a well trained dog is traumatic and trying to train a new puppy is totally challenging.  We were used to a dog who never had an accident, who came immediately when called, and who would never even think of running into the street.  These are some of the behaviors we asked Denise to resolve with our new pup, Kirk.  


With patience and kindness, she has taught our pup to ring a bell to go out, to wait until released to go out the front door, gate, etc., to not pick up foreign objects, and to come when called.  Denise totally socialized our pup and taught him to sit, stay, and lie down on command.  Further she taught US how to deal with his behaviors properly and how to continue his training at home. Needless to say, we are totally satisfied with her services and highly recommend her as a trainer—both of animals and their supervisory humans!!!


Barbara Pearl


Ed & Morgan

Boca Raton, Florida

We have been dog owners for most of our lives.  However, we had never raised a puppy, and we were intimidated by the process (previously, we adopted young adult rescue dogs).  After some due diligence on our end (researching and interviewing various dog trainers), we enrolled our 9-week-old puppy, Rusty, into Denise's 3-week immersion training program where he learned household manners such as sit, lay down, stay, and ring the bell to go potty.  We saw Rusty's daily progress through Denise's frequent videos and updates.  By the time Rusty came home to us, he was sleeping from roughly 11 pm - 7 am and was well socialized to play with other dogs, not be fearful of thunderstorms or fireworks, and feel self-assured around strangers.  These social skills were invaluable and helped us establish a positive foundation for raising Rusty with love and confidence moving forward.  

Denise demonstrates an inordinate amount of expertise, patience, and effectiveness in her approach to dog training.  In addition, Denise is a wonderful person and has an easy-going disposition that is constructive towards building positive and long-lasting relationships. These relationships are evident from her extensive list of satisfied and grateful clients and fur friends.  We highly recommend Denise.  She is an excellent dog trainer.  We feel very fortunate to have found her at the right time in our lives, and we consider both Denise and Rusty a true gift to our family.

About two years ago, I suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury. Therefore, at the age of 25, I found myself trying to relearn how to walk. The recovery process has been anything but easy. It is both physically and mentally exhausting, but completely worth it. However, I knew there was something missing from my new life. What was missing? Riggs: my loving and smart double doodle.

Riggs joined my family earlier than expected, so I was quite overwhelmed when I first received him. Given my injury, I knew that I would need to find someone that could adjust Rigg's service dog training to accommodate my needs.

I was introduced to Denise through the BARWIS community (physical therapy facility). It was absolutely fate that we met because after just one conversation I knew Denise was the right person for the job. Denise is genuine, kind and compassionate. She goes above and beyond for every client.
She has a confident and inviting presence; Riggs beams with joy whenever he sees her.

Today, Riggs and I continue to train with Denise. Riggs has accomplished so much as a six-month-old puppy and I attribute his great successes to the hard work of Denise.

Denise provides with specific training exercises to create clear communication between each dog and owner. Simply stated, Denise the answer for any type of dog training. I could not recommend her services enough. Over the past couple of months, Denise has become family.

Denise, I cannot thank you enough for your work Riggs and I. We both look forward to our continued work together.
Riggs and I are so lucky to have you!!

View recent photos.png

To say that Denise is a lifesaver is an understatement.  As parents, we struggled with helping our daughter find a way forward that would bring back happiness and a reduction in anxiety following a traumatic event.  We realized this would be a lifetime issue for her, and decided she would benefit from a service dog.  We researched different options and decided that getting a puppy from a rescue and training her for this purpose would be best.  This would allow our daughter to bond with the dog and have her by her side for many years into adulthood.  We named her Malibu and she was a great match.  


We quickly figured out that with her love came a lack of training and social anxiety.  Denise was able to teach basic commands with ease, one of the first command she taught us was teaching Malibu to ring a bell for potty training.  Over the next several months, our daughter noticed improvement with Malibu's commands but, most importantly her loyalty.

Dealing with Malibu's social anxiety was a more difficult challenge.  We started early with trips to the mall, stores, parks, etc. since our daughter needed help in crowds.  Getting her used to all kinds of sounds, including sirens and alarms, was also a comfort to our daughter in stressful situations.  Through many months of hard work, Malibu is now attending college classes with our daughter and has made it through two trips to Disney World.  This is quite an accomplishment in less than a year's time.  To have a well-trained , loyal do that brings comfort to our daughter is one of the greatest gifts we could have asked for.

Thank you Denise for your wisdom, patience, encouragement and friendship.  We know that more specific training will continue for years, and we look forward to continuing our work with you.

The Chapman Family


The Chapman Family

Parkland, Florida

I was looking for Bo for not only companionship but also a dog that was able to assist me with my neurological re-engineering clients. I wanted my dog to be able to help me  in my client’s recovery process whether it be their physical or psychological ailment. Denise listened to my goal and helped me with everything from puppy manners to heeling with clients in walkers and wheel chairs. Bo is very well behaved at home and in public truly because of Denise and what she taught me.


Jake D



Deerfield Beach, Florida



Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Dear Denise - This is to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful training you did with my Pomsky, Cody.  He was a good dog, but now he's a great one.  Mostly, I love your gentle method, and you get results.  Not to mention how much Cody loves you.  It was worth every penny and I look forward to boarding him with you when I leave town. 


Thank you again, Gail



Boca Raton, Florida

We finally decided to get a puppy for our family and couldn't have done it without Denise, from The Pawsitive K9 Coach.  She helped with all of our puppy training from basic commands to potty training.  I was amazed how supportive, loving and caring her approach to training was.  She helped calm any of my nerves with a new dog and my puppy Marley, loved her training sessions.  Marley is sweet, obedient and housebroken and I owe all of it to Denise.  If you are thinking of getting a puppy or just need some training for your pet you must work with Denise, she's the best.



Boca Raton, Florida

We rescued Petey when he was 5 months old.  Petey is the sweetest boy and cute as a button, but had zero training. He had lived in a room with his fur siblings and never saw fresh air.  He ate, slept, and went to the bathroom all in the room. 


We adopted Petey from a rescue 2 weeks after he was broken out of the room. Having young kids and another fur baby, the training was difficult.  A friend referred us to Denise and we could not be more grateful.  Petey went to training camp for 2 weeks to learn potty training and basic commands.  We loved that the training was “Pawsitive” and reward based without harsh punishment. 


Upon his return, he has only added happiness and joy to our family.  His sweet, spunky personality is still intact but his manners are stellar.  Petey even rings a bell to let us know when he has to go outside to go potty!  We recommend Denise to anyone that has a puppy, adopts a dog or just needs some behavioral tweaking of their fur babies.

Jen, Jay and the Gang



Davie, Florida

Denise was highly recommended by our veterinarian on our first puppy visit with our energetic golden doodle named Rip. We are a very social family and love entertaining and traveling. Having a puppy that could travel with us who was just as social as the family, was very important to me. From the moment I spoke to Denise I just knew she had a special talent. I explained my concerns over the phone about typical puppy behaviors like mouthing, barking, and jumping and without ever meeting me or my pup at this point, she knew exactly what I needed to do and gave us great advice prior to our first visit. We had Denise over ASAP and from the moment she stepped foot into our house, it was apparent she was a professional dog whisperer. Five sessions later and I feel like she taught us so much. Every minute was well worth it. She comes with so much experience and knoweldge. She gave us all the tools and techniques to help us get through raising our Rip. I can honestly say, Denise is the reason we have a puppy we can take anywhere and enjoy so much. We go on walks, runs and bike rides. We've taken Rip on numerous vacations and outings and are always receiving compliments on how well behaved our Rip is. I am so grateful that Denise was recommended to our family. She is amazing.



Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dearest Denise -


You are a miracle worker....! I had absolutely NO idea how difficult it would be to bring home not one, but TWO, puppies....and sisters nonetheless! As a “single mom” it was a challenge that I would not have survived without YOU! I realize how much of the training was for me, but the time you spent with my Ellie and Sophie have changed my outlook completely, along with their behavior. I now know that I CAN DO THIS (not without your continued help of course). You have provided me with invaluable advice, my pups with invaluable training, and the flexibility that I so desperately need as a professional working woman.


Taking a look back over the past 4-5 weeks, I thank YOU for the following: my 13 week old “twins” sleep for 8-9 hours at night in a crate without ANY accidents (and Sophie was having some major soiling the crate issues). Only took you a week or so to fix. YOU helped to train me! Well, still ongoing....and your advice is much less expensive than a therapist...LOL! Seriously, you have been a Godsend. You have trained my pups to do their business on artificial grass on my balconies giving me flexibility since I live in a condo in the city, and outside on the grass! worries about my pups if a hurricane scare comes my way. Ellie and Sophie now recognize and respond to their names and sit on command! Your updates via video, photo and text whenever I am away on business have kept me involved....they have been invaluable and sooooo appreciated!


Thank you. You are professional, kind, and patient....everything we needed.


With Love, Sandi, Ellie and Sophie


Adam & Danielle

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Simply the Best!

Denise took such great care of me when my mom and dad go married.  She even took me to the venue so that I could walk down the aisle.  Thank you for taking care of me even while I had an ear infection and giving me an amazing place to sleep.  I suggest every dog or human out there to ask for Denise for anything dog related because she is kind, sincere, very educated and simply, THE BEST.

Your newest puppy friend,




Boca Raton, Florida

About six month ago we adopted Bambi,  a  3 year old Great Dane.  She had issues, walking on a leash,  not letting us eat while at the table, stealing food, barking at other dogs while walking, afraid of loud noises, and not coming when her name was called.

We decided on using The Pawsitive K9 Coach, over other training companies for a VERY BIG

REASON.  Denise uses the sweet type of training, with treats.  She does not use the spike type

training collars, or electrical devices.  She uses kindness.  She does not scream or yell at all at any of the dogs.   We had heard the way she trains is the ideal way to train and enjoy your pet.


The main question is how is Bambi now.  Bambi was with Denise for two weeks, during her board and train kamp.  Her walking on a leash is 90 percent better.  She stops when I stop walking.  She walks next to me just about most of the time.  When there is very loud noises, she does still get scared, however she does not take off and run like she did.  We have a better time of her relaxing a bit.  When we eat we know how to get her to go into her place so we can eat in peace.  When I call her name, I would say 9 out of 10 times she comes running over to me.  


Bottom line, we are very pleased with Bambi's training and would highly suggest if you are looking for a wonderful trainer please contact Denise, at The Pawsitive K9 Coach.

Thank you, Denise!

Bobby Newman & Bambi



Plantation, Florida

Magnificent Denise!

Over the past 5 years I have become the parent for two golden retriever puppies (one is now 5 and the other 2). Both puppies spent several weeks at camp Denise! Both went as untrained, unruly puppies and came back incredibly well trained buy living with Denise. Since camp, we continue to lovingly enforce similar rules and both Golden’s continue to be well behaved loving members of our 4 dog family. 


Thank you Denise ! 



Aventura, Florida

My dog previously had 3 trainers! None of them were able to help me with the leash anxiety she gets.  In a couple of sessions Denise new how to do it, and now when you bring out the leash she is calm when putting it on.


Denise is a true dog trainer based on a positive way, she has the GIFT of intuiting what the animal needs she’s amazing! Thank you, Denise!





Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Denise is the real dog whisperer. Take what she teaches your dog (and you!) and use it - practice it every day, it’s your homework, too, not just your dogs’s. You will have a wonderful dog that is welcome everywhere. Be a good pet owner, do your dog a favor and see Denise. You’ll be glad you did.



Aventura, Florida

I have used Denise from Pawsitive K9 Coach for training and had a very "pawsitive" experience. Frankie B learned quickly from Denise's professional techniques. Denise is wonderful and very accommodating. I highly recommend her.


Nelson and Bruny

Boca Raton, Florida

Denise has taken care of our dog Jazz for years while working at the vet. My wife and I were glad to hear she branched out and started The Pawsitivite K9 Coach because we added Sammy to the mix (crazy but lovable). Denise was able to not only train Sammy but also trained us. We have boarded both dogs with Denise numerous times and they just love her. She keeps in touch with us by sending videos while we are on vacation. I highly recommend her services.   Nelson & Bruny



Boca Raton, Florida

I  can’t say enough good things about Denise! I recently adopted a 3 year old, large breed, mixed dog from The Humane Society, that previously lived on the streets and had no training. On top of knowing zero commands, she was very anxious and destructive.


Denise was a godsend because before she came into our life, I was at wits ends. Denise trained me and my dog, Sasha, with such patience and positiveness. She gave me hope and reassured me about what a wonderful dog I had. Sasha learned “sit”, “down” and  “wait” in just a few short lessons. Most importantly Denise guided me on getting Sasha crate trained - as she can not be left alone unsupervised due to destructiveness. After a slow introduction to the crate and positive reinforcement, Sasha now LOVES her crate and I find her laying in even while I’m home! Lastly, Denise also showed me what toys to buy her to help with her “aggressive” chewing and what leash to use to help control her since she is very strong.


Since our training, I have seen overall improvements in Sasha’s personality as she is becoming more confident in herself and less anxious. Whenever I am asked about a dog trainer recommendation I am so excited to pass along her name! She is truly fantastic, reliable, sweet and most importantly all about the dogs best interests!! - Melissa B. 



Sunrise, Florida

Where do I begin?! Denise is incredible! She was highly recommended to us by our veterinarian, as our pup Kaia was giving us a run for our money. Though I knew that Kaia’s behaviors were typical of an 11-week-old puppy, I felt that Denise could help us navigate through this puppy stage with the most beneficial and effective training techniques. Five in-home sessions later and I am so thrilled that we made the call to Denise! Kaia went from relentlessly nipping and/or jumping at us as we sat on the couch, to understanding that the couch is “invitation only”; from pulling us down the sidewalk with her leash, to walking like a “good girl”; from jumping at neighbors who walked by her or those who entered our home, to auto-sitting when approached; and so much more. Through Denise’s training, we were able to realize that Kaia is a quick learner who thrives off consistency and of course treats for rewards. Denise taught us, as owners, the importance of each key command--“sit”, “stay”, “off”, “down”, “place”, “ok”, “come”, “here”, and “wait”. Denise would spend time during each session to explain why we use a command and go over various situations in which the command should and shouldn’t be used. Each session, we were blown away by Denise’s knowledge and passion for training pups. Denise has a kind, comforting, and straight-forward approach to training, which we learned an immense amount from and thoroughly enjoyed. Training sessions were the highlight of our week! We are so incredibly grateful for Denise, and all that she has done for us and Kaia!

With love & appreciation,

Nick, Amanda, & Kaia


Drew & Yobi

Coco Chanel (she’s French and wears black and white) has been trained happily and successfully by Denise.  But, what is equally important for us is that Coco truly loves going to Denise’s when we are away. We have a suspicion that Coco actually prefers life at Denise’s; there’s more fun playing all day with the other dogs and she really really really loves Denise. Denise sends us pictures or video updates while we are away which are often the highlight of our trips, and she is always very communicative and helpful. In the year and a half that we have been training and boarding with Denise, she has become a friend and trusted adviser. We couldn’t be happier. 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida



Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Thank you for working with our 2 puppies!  Our big boy Sunny and new little baby Marvin!  Marvin is finally getting the system.  We can’t wait to see and hear him ring the bell to go outside.  This will be a tremendous help with the house training! 


It’s so wonderful to be able to go out of town and know our dogs are safety and lovingly cared for while getting TRAINED at the same time! 

Thank you thank you,



Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Denise has been great with Boomer. He is always excited when he arrives and exhausted when he leaves. The updates she provides while we’re away from him are very appreciated and he always seems to be having a great time. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs someone to take care of their dog while away.


Thanks again! 


Jaycob Megna


Eric and Leaa

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We have a young family (two kids, ages 2 and 4) and got our golden retriever puppy Max this past July.  Denise has helped us establish a great training foundation for Max.  She has worked with us and our children, showing all of us how to use positive reinforcement with Max.  She's always on time, easy to work with and very knowledgeable about what we are trying to accomplish with our puppy.  She's done a phenomenal job of educating us and we continue to rely on Denise for her help and insights.  She's fantastic.

:) Leaa, Eric, Jake and Julia



Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida

After the loss of my last dog over five years ago I decided to venture out again and get  a “puppy” !!  In the years of ownership of dogs, I am extremely aware of the joys of a good life with a well trained dog! I asked my Veterinarian for the name of a good dog trainer and to my amazement and luck Denise was there!


Plato loved being trained each week!!! He learned: how to go to the bathroom on pads, heel, sit, stay ...leave it... (all basics) and even learning to smile!! When I had to go to the hospital he was well looked after with Denise... she even brought him to visit me!!!

She is a doggie whisper!! Plato is a delight!  .


There is no amount of time or money to have a truly qualified, kind and gentle trainer!


Thank you Denise!

Suzanne and Plato!!


Mark & Kelsey

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

​We can’t say thank you enough to Denise from Pawsitive K9 Coach for her quality services. We came to her with our 10 week old puppy, Mako, a hyperactive golden doodle and she was truly a god send. Mako wouldn’t be the well- behaved, calm dog he is today without her help. Denise did more than just teach us how to train our dog, she gave us activities to practice without her there, she gave valuable information about how to be a better dog owner in general and went above and beyond to support us with any questions or new issues that would arise as Mako was growing up. Thanks to Denise, we are able to take Mako anywhere with us (mall, airport, restaurants) and get compliments all the time on how well behaved he is. Mako has also boarded with Denise many times and is always happy to return. We truly love that he has a home away from home with a person we trust and dog friends to run around with when we are out of town. We highly recommend Denise for all your training and boarding needs!!
-Love Mark, Kelsey, and Mako


Howard and Marsha

Plantation, Florida

We purchased a male, Golden Retriever puppy and within about three months we were in over our heads with this dog.  We had never had a male before, and trust me he was a handful.  We named him Riley, and really should have called him Marley.

Hence, we enlisted the help of Denise Cataline.  When I tell you she is a godsend that is not an exaggeration.  She is a delightful, gregarious young women and an incredible dog trainer.  Riley loves her and true to his breed he just wanted to please her.  We needed training as much as he did.  

She is very patient and has a very calm way about her that the dogs respond to.  I would, without a doubt, highly recommend her to anyone. 

Sincerely - Marsha 

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