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Client Testimonials



Fort Lauderdale, FL

I decided when I was going to get a dog that I wanted to get her trained to be a
Physical Therapy dog to work at my place of employment. After looking all over the internet a family friend recommended Denise Cataline. After meeting Denise at our first in home dog training session I immediately purchased 9 more training sessions for me and my pup snoopy. Not only because she was a fantastic dog trainer, but an even better person.

Denise was amazing at allowing myself to communicate effectively with my dog. Snoopy is training to become a Physical Therapy Dog and Denise worked side by side with Physical Therapist, Snoopy, myself, and the PT Patients where snoopy will work in the future. I’ve had dogs before but there was a disconnect in communicating between myself and the dog. With Denise’s extensive background in training not only Dogs, but also Dolphins and other marine life,
this gave her the tools to figure out how to communicate with snoopy quickly and effectively.

It’s not a coincidence that at least 6 of my friends have started using Denise as
their dog’s trainer because the result with Denise and snoopy has been so

Snoopy is able to respond to all of her commands with me (or anyone) asking
once, and is completely socialized with humans, other dogs, and abnormal
scenarios. Without Denise it would have been impossible to get the results I wanted as a dog owner. She was able to teach me the psychology of the dog
allowing snoopy and I to have amazing communication and friendship.

Unless you were a teacher, you wouldn’t home school your kids. All professional sports teams have coaches.
Get a trainer for your dog!

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